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Let's get to the root cause of chronic illness so that we can THRIVE well into our golden years


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Does this sound familiar?

You feel unwell, and you schedule an appointment to see your doctor. And because society and the medical establishment feed us the idea that we are broken in some shape or form, you intend to get a fix’ for what it is that ails you. Yet you leave the doctor’s office feeling rushed and confused, your questions unanswered and often with a prescription in hand.

We cannot get what we need to get healthy out of a 15-minute office visit!

And rarely are we told what we need to do about our lifestyle choices.

Research shows that up to 80% of chronic illness is related to lifestyle choices, something rarely addressed in conventional medical practice.

Yes, we all know the consequences of overeating fast food and not exercising, but there are several other factors under lifestyle choices we may not be fully aware of, such as:

  • Pre-natal exposure to toxins in the womb and how that continues to affect us.
  • Exposure to toxins from our skincare products
  • Plastic containers that disrupt our hormones
  • Pesticides in our food and environment
  • Hidden mold in our homes and/or places of work
  • The health of our microbiome.
  • Contaminants in our water.

And so much more could all be contributing to your overall dis-ease and illnesses.

So, we need more.


Enter Functional and Lifestyle Medicine....


THRIVE Functional Health

is a cash based direct care practice located in the State of Illinois. We offer primary care as well as functional medicine protocols to help reduce the burden of chronic disease.

The definition of THRIVE is to grow and flourish physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Do you feel like you have been moving through life in survival mode?

It's time to start taking care of you.

At THRIVE, you can start where you are right now.

As a woman over fifty, I recognize what a unique and varied segment of the population we are. Dr. Christiane Northrup describes us as a heterogeneous blend of Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers who don’t want to age as our parents did. We don’t just want a band-aid on our ailments; we want to understand why we feel the way we do. And we don’t want to be told it’s all in our heads.

With the average life expectancy of the American woman predicted to rise well into the 80s, we now have the privilege to be intentional about how we create the second half of our lives.

Explore the Membership

As a member of THRIVE Functional Health, we collaborate to create a personalized blueprint to address the root cause of issues we uncover that may be causing your illness to restore your health and wellbeing.

It is a unique blend of allopathy, lifestyle & functional medicine, and ontological coaching sets THRIVE Functional Health apart from other practices.

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At THRIVE Functional Health, we work with you to determine the root cause of what is causing your “dis-ease” rather than just treating symptoms.

It is time to shine the focus on wellness and prevention rather than disease management and treatment.

My approach to working with you is based on the premise that our bodies want to be well. The Functional Medicine model is a personalized, science-based approach that relies on a detailed understanding of how gene interactions and environmental, biochemical, and lifestyle factors impact an individual. By addressing root causes rather than symptoms, we will collaborate to create a personalized treatment plan. 

THRIVE‘s mission is to help women live fully and flourish. In addition to the clinical practice, I also provide a unique collection of online resources, including courses to guide and support your healthy lifestyle.

Our Values Are:

Transformation: It is time to heal our bodies by getting to the root cause of your problems so we can optimize whole-body health and wellbeing.

Healthy & Holistic Living: Shift the focus from fixing and treatment to prevention.

Resilience: Boost your metabolic health so you can live a fully functional life as you age.

Inner Vision: Set your sights on something bigger than yourself and strive to create a legacy worth reckoning with

Vitality: Restore your energy and gain a zest for living into your purpose regardless of your age.

Excellence: Practice excellence over perfection and live your best life.

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