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Danielle M.

“Dr. Obot is very caring and nurturing and she has a wonderful bedside manner. She takes her time to explain things to them. She gives advise and helps you make a plan to resolve problems you’re having, not just cover symptoms. She promotes total health and wellness.”

J. Batey

“I came to see a doctor for one thing and I ended up finding out a lot of interesting things about myself. Dr. Obot is amazing. She is truly sweet, wise, knowledgeable, friendly, realistic doctor I have ever met. She made my doctor visit feel like a consultation.”

E. Mohn

“Dr. Obot is a phenomenal doctor. Her ability to discern a medical issue, spend time to educate her patients and then develop plan for preventative methods is why I followed her wherever she practiced. She doesn’t just have an excellent bedside manner, she builds relationships.”

Shirley H

“Dr. Obot, I’m very proud to call you a friend, because when I was under your care, I felt safe and was given information regarding my health I knew had been researched, factual, and correct. Diabetes is very complicated. Under your care, I began to understand it much better. I am happy that I encouraged you to write this book so everyone else can get on top of this deadly disease.”

Rich L

"I made it over halfway through your book. You are truly a Godsend. I first found out two months ago that I had type 2 diabetes. My A1c was 8.3% and I weighed 318 lbs. I recently went to my new healthcare provider and two months later I weigh 278 lbs and lab results came back with my A1c at 6.9%."

Connie F.

My father was in the hospital and Dr. Obot was his doctor. When she entered the room the first thing I noticed about her was almost an aura she had about her. I was instantly taken with her personality, the way she explained things and the way she listened and answered questions. She treated my father and myself as if we truly nattered. Her compassion and passion to help others was obvious. I learned many things in that amount of time, that I had heard rumored previously. Never had a Doctor come right out and explained things to me before. 


Airetta M.

Doctor Eno was my doctor, and gave me excellent, professional medical care. She is the real deal, and I highly recommend her!

Featured Review WebMD

Dr. Obot was very helpful in explaining to me how my diabetes and its symptoms could be resgulated. her explanations were clear and concise. I was able to come to the realizations that lifestyle choices can be quite influential to the body and minds overall health. I'm happy I changed diet and added some exercise and have seen better results. My blood sugar levels are. much better throughout the day I continue to seek out Dr. Obot for treatment. Thank you.