Hello, I'm Dr. Eno Nsima-ObotI am happy you are here!

My name is Dr. Eno Nsima-Obot, popularly known as Doctor Eno. I am passionate about working with individuals, especially those with chronic illnesses.

I was born in London, UK, and was raised in Eastern Nigeria in a coastal town called Calabar. I graduated as one of the youngest and top ten medical students from the University of Calabar in 1987. In 1991, I relocated to the United States after getting married and completed residency training in Brooklyn in 1996. I became board certified in Internal Medicine in 1996. Eventually, I moved to Chicago to work in a large multi-specialty managed care group.

Like a lot of physicians who went into medicine to care for people, I became disillusioned with medical practice.

Despite the heavy workload, I always seemed to fall short of the industry standards of "productivity over people." Try as I would, I did not feel that I was making a difference in my patients' lives. I became disillusioned and began to feel more like a cog in this model I described as 'assembly line medicine.'

In many places where I worked, I realized that I was disposable. The constant threat of downsizing looming as profits were the priority.

I am a lifelong learner and have always been passionate about exploring and sharing ways to create and promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

I yearned to spend more time with my patients, explaining their health to them, creating clarity and understanding, and sharing ways to better manage or prevent disease with them. I wanted to show them how our state of mind can affect our overall well-being.

2012 was a watershed year for me. My father died suddenly in March following a stroke. In September, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. A diagnosis that would have happened too late had I followed the cookie-cutter guidelines advising screening every three years rather than annually. I asked my gynecology-oncologist what would have happened if I had skipped my PAP smear that year. He responded, "We would have been having an entirely different conversation."

In other words, the delayed diagnosis would have probably ended my life!

Through my brief brush with cancer, I describe myself not as a survivor but a "Thrivor'. But I wanted to include myself in the wellness equation and practice what I preach more closely.

 I realized that I needed to broaden my toolbox. This personal desire led me to discover the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) in 2018.

I still recall sitting in the conference room in San Diego, California, delighted to find my tribe finally. I completed a very intense certification program in 2019.

All these experiences have culminated in creating THRIVE Functional Health.

Our mission is to help our clients develop healthy and wholesome lives where we grow, prosper, and flourish. We focus on determining the root cause of dis-ease rather than just treating symptoms.

When I am not working with clients and patients, you can find me on my Peloton® bike or treadmill or taking outdoor runs. I also enjoy daily outdoor walks with my Morkie Jake, long walks in nature, power yoga, and spiritual and metaphysical studies.

Credentials & Accomplishments:


Board Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine (1996)

Completed an International Coach Federation Training as a Life Coach (2010)

Award-winning author of a book for people living with Type 2 Diabetes

entitled "Dr. Eno's A-to-Z Guide to Thriving with Type 2 Diabetes". (Book Excellence Award 2018)

Certified Functional Medicine practitioner, Institute of Functional Medicine (2019)


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