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How To Make Lifestyle Choices And Live Healthily Well Beyond Your 60s, 70s, Or Even 90s!

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Have you ever been told your blood sugars are slightly outside the normal range? Or that you have borderline diabetes? Do you struggle to maintain a healthy weight? Do you crave certain foods? Do you have a family history of type 2 diabetes?

If so, it’s time to look at how your body breaks down sugars.  

Discover a simple, easy-to-follow course that shows you exactly how to reach optimal health and balance your blood sugars. 

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Don't Wait to be Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes before you take actions!

Understanding how to regulate your blood sugars can seem confusing. People are often left in the dark about precisely what to eat or how to eat.

Most people live in constant fear of being told that they’re one of the 130 million people living with borderline diabetes or type 2 diabetes. 

But it doesn’t have to be the case.

Now is the time to learn how you can take control of your blood sugars and kiss all your diabetes worries goodbye.

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Who Is Dr. Eno And Why Should You Learn From Her?


After graduating as one of the youngest and top ten medical students from the University of Calabar, Nigeria in 1987, Dr. Eno dedicated over two decades of her life to serving people in Chicago, Illinois who came to her with various health problems.

In addition to being board-certified in Internal Medicine, she has done additional training as a professional life coach. She is also a certified practitioner of the Institute of Functional Medicine. 

This unique blend of allopathy and root cause medicine allows her to empower her patients and clients to take ownership in transforming their health. 

Dr. Eno has been passionate about teaching people how to slow and prevent the development of type 2 diabetes. She is the author of an award-winning book called “Dr. Eno’s A-to-Z Guide to Thriving with Dr. Eno.”

It has been predicted that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be an increase in people living with type 2 diabetes, and she does not want this to be anyone’s fate. 

She realized that many of her patients had no idea how important it is to control their blood sugars to prevent diabetes. 

She spent weeks during the pandemic lockdown creating a comprehensive guide that shows people exactly how to make healthy lifestyle choices. 

And that is how the online course called The Healthy Blood Sugar Revolution was born. 


Enroll today! $147

"Dr. Eno A Nsima-Obot is a caring, compassionate and knowledgeable practitioner. Her wisdom and guidance have aided me in transforming my lifestyle and reversing the progression of diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, and obesity. She is a phenomenal physician." --E.S.

Introducing: The Healthy Blood Sugar Revolution

The Healthy Blood Sugar Revolution is an online, self-paced course for making a healthy lifestyle that’s going to help you slow down or even completely prevent the development of diabetes.

It shows you how to…

  • Identify unhealthy lifestyle choices
  • Control your choices to make a healthy lifestyle
  • Implement the lifestyle changes to reach your optimal health and maintain your healthy blood sugar levels

This course is the result of tons of hours of time Dr. Eno has dedicated to creating a highly-effective guide that everyone can follow, regardless of their medical knowledge.

Also, being an online, self-paced course, you can follow the course from the comfort of your living room sofa whenever you have the time to learn.

Plus, you’ll also get lifetime access to the course, so you can rewatch the course as many times as you need.

Course Outline


Module 1: Mindset

Your mindset makes who you are and your lifestyle. One of the main goals of this course is to help you switch to a healthier lifestyle. Thus, we start by changing your mindset first.

  • Understanding Mindset
  • Identifying your underlying belief system
  • The ABCs of mindset
  • Stages of change

Module 3: Hidden Sugars

In the third module, you'll learn valuable information related to diabetes that most people don't fully understand, and yet it's important for a borderline diabetic. We'll also show you how to make sure the food and drinks you buy are safe for you.

  • The link between sugar and chronic illness
  • Identifying the sources of hidden sugars
  • Understanding the insulin resistance
  • How to read food labels
  • Understanding Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load

Module 5: Movement Matters

Exercising will make you feel healthier, and it can help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels. In the fifth module, we'll show you how to exercise effectively to keep your blood sugars under control.

  • Why exercise is not a four-letter word
  • The benefits of exercise
  • Types of exercise
  • How to monitor and calibrate your maximal heart rate
  • The elderly and exercise
  • Movement versus exercise

Module 2: Metrics

Understanding your metrics will help you understand your current health condition and how close you're getting to diabetes. This will also help you understand what to do next to slow down and prevent the development of diabetes.

  • Why it's important to know your metrics
  • The different types of metrics
  • How to interpret our metrics

Module 4: Food and Fasting

Here you'll dig deep into the relationship between food and how it affects your blood sugar levels. Plus, you'll also learn about fasting which works for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

  • The elements of food
  • Functions of food
  • The relationship between food and chronic illness
  • And introduction to functional nutrition
  • Food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances
  • An introduction to fasting

Module 6: Sleep

Poor sleep quality has been linked with poor blood sugar control. In the last module, you'll learn why good sleep quality matters and how to improve your sleep quality.

  • Stress and Circadian Rhythm
  • Understanding the Circadian Rhythm
  • How our lifestyle affects our Circadian Rhythm
  • Chronobiology
  • The benefits of sleep
  • The stages of sleep
  • How stages of sleep affect our overall health and well-being
  • An introduction to sleep hygiene
  • Stress and our bodies
  • Resilience
  • Putting it all together

One Year From Now, Will You Be Healthier…
Or Will You Still Be Living With Fear Of Diabetes?

Enroll today! $147

If You Answer Yes To Any Of These Questions,
You Should Join This Course Today

  • Do you find it difficult to lose weight?
  • Do you constantly crave sweets and salty foods?
  • Do you have a family history of type 2 diabetes?
  • Are you experiencing constant fatigue and brain fog?
  • Are you having a challenging time going through menopause?

Not everyone who’s been told they’re on the borderline of diabetes needs immediate help keeping their blood sugar levels in balance.

But if you answer yes to at least two questions above, then your body is already sending you a Blood Sugar S.O.S.

See, being overweight and struggling to lose weight is one of many signs of prediabetes.

Excessive sugar and salt cravings can also be a sign that your blood glucose levels are out of balance. If left untreated, it can speed up the development of diabetes type 2.

Constant fatigue and brain fog are one of the most common symptoms associated with poorly controlled blood sugar. It’s basically your body telling you that you must pay more attention to your blood sugar levels.

If you’re a woman and you have a challenging time going through menopause, then chances are your blood sugar levels are out of control. You may notice that you’re gaining weight, having sleep issues, or struggling with a constant high level of stress. 

These conditions happen when your body no longer produces the normal amount of estrogen and progesterone hormones. And as these hormonal levels go up and down, blood sugar levels also sway.

Finally, if you’ve just found out that you’re borderline diabetic and you have a family history of type 2 diabetes, then maintaining your blood sugar levels is a no-brainer. Because as we all know, people who have a family member, particularly a close relative, with diabetes, do face a higher risk of developing diabetes than someone who does not.

Regardless of what you’re experiencing right now, joining this course can help you bring your blood sugar back from the brink of boiling over!

And the good news?

One Year From Now, Will You Be Healthier…
Or Will You Still Be Living With Fear Of Diabetes?

Enroll today! $147