Season 3 Episode 27- Taking back your time

Season #3 Episode #27

Hello there and welcome back to yet another episode of "THRIVING WHILE GOLDEN". I know I've been doing this podcast in spurts of on-again, off-again. So what's so new this time? The GREAT NEWS I have to share is that I am finally home in Chicagoland and no longer on the road for work. So what does that mean for you my loyal listeners and 'listeners- to-be"?  Consistency. I'm getting back into a more predictable routine as I launch my new practice "THRIVE Functional Health, LLC". In this episode, I'm simply sharing what it feels back to get back my time from having to be on the road, away from home to getting re-acquainted with my stuff. 

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Be well and THRIVE on!


Doctor Eno ;)