Season 1 Episode 18: Being at the crossroads- how the covid 19 pandemic is forcing change

Hello and welcome back to yet another episode of Thriving While Golden.

In this episode, I speak share how the COVID-19 pandemic has placed me at a crossroads. Like most of the population in the United States, I recently had my hospital shifts canceled. Listen in as I share how I have made a conscious intention to take a deep breath for the first time in almost ten years and focus on 'delicious self-care'. 

When it comes to self-care, I speak about the importance of attaching your 'oxygen mask' which is a concept I referenced in an earlier podcast episode.

Here are some things to take on:

  • Create a wellbeing checklist. This is a list of things you choose to support your overall wellness. 
  • Consider creating a wellbeing checklist for your family members
  • Think of things that you can take on during this time. It could be a new project, decluttering, deepening a spiritual practice. 
  • Think about and perhaps even journal about what you want your 'new normal' to look like.

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